Avoiding Moisture in Your Atlanta Basement

basement moistureHave you ever walked into your Atlanta basement and noticed a musty smell or felt dampness in the air?  If so, it is important for you to inspect your basement for visible or hidden signs of moisture or water damage.  If water damage is discovered, you must fix these problems immediately and dry out the affected areas.  If you discover mold, it is important that you contact a professional immediately.  Basements are an ideal location for mold growth. Taking precautionary measures to keep your basement dry is essential to keeping your home and family safe.

There are several tips you can follow to avoid moisture and water damage in your basement.  First, it is important that you maintain proper air circulation since air circulation has an important role in humidity control.  Air circulation in the basement can be difficult since basements usually have small or no windows.  You can improve circulation by keeping your basement clean and eliminating clutter. It is also recommended to open any doors leading to the basement and to run a fan for a few hours monthly.  This will force air circulation, allowing the humid air to be replaced with fresh air.  You should also avoid opening doors and windows on rainy or humid days when possible.

Another important tool for reducing dampness and moisture in the basement is the dehumidifier.  Installing a dehumidifier in the basement will assist significantly in reducing airborne moisture and lowering humidity levels. It is especially recommended during warm months when humidity levels tend to be higher. Bathrooms and showers in basements are major contributors to humidity levels in basements.  Always install exhaust fans where necessary to remove moisture and to improve ventilation and make sure to run the exhaust fan when the shower is in use.  If you detect cracks in your walls or floor, seal them immediately to stop water from gaining an entry way into your basement.  For basements floors, it is important to choose a durable, moisture-proof flooring such as concrete, rubber or tile.

Following these tips will help reduce the amount of humidity in the basement, therefore, reducing the chance of developing mold.  Remember, if you detect mold in your basement, you need to contact a professional immediately.  Mold can cause serious health threats and cause extensive damage to your home.

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