Services – Storm Damage/ Board Up / Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, call us.

Disaster Recovery

Premier Drying is experienced in all manner of disaster recovery and storm damage restoration services.

Disaster Recovery

Besides man-made disasters like fires, by virtue of where we live (Georgia), we do experience nature’s wrath as well. And we’re well-versed to help you when that happens.

Some examples of what we provide:

  • Secure and board up your site – One of the most important things to do in the event of a disaster is to clean and secure a site by removing any glass and debris, boarding up windows, and fencing the area off. And if needed, we can arrange for onsite security. This prevents both vandalism and costly accidents from happening. Trust us to secure your property quickly and effectively.
  • Secure any contents – Many contents are salvageable, but they need to be quickly spirited away and stored in a safe environment. We have a secure, climate-controlled storage facility for this very reason. We’ll ensure that your possessions are accounted for, inventoried/documented, and kept safe and sound.
  • Rebuild – Needless to say, we’re experts at this phase. From water removal to rebuilding from scratch, we’re equipped to handle every phase of a rebuild project, and can also work with your insurance company, relieving you of that headache.
  • Hail, wind, rain… - Roof damaged from hail? Wind rip off your siding? Call us – we’ll fix it right.
  • Ensure no after-effects arise – To give an example here, mold often follows water damage. But that doesn’t happen when we’re on the job. We do a thorough job, and that means ensuring that that no unpleasant surprises crop up later.

We’re here to help you rebuild. Call us at 770-754-6600