The floodwaters are rising, and I need help RIGHT NOW. Can you come right away?

Yes – this is our specialty. If you need water extraction / drying right away, call us at 770-754-6600 and we’ll be there in 30 minutes.

It’s such a mess… can you handle any amount of water damage?

Indeed we can. We’re experts on handling even the worst cases of water damage, and cleaning / drying it to pristine, pre-damage condition.

Do you just do water extraction and drying, or do you handle other aspects of reconstruction / damage recovery as well?

We handle everything in relation to water damage and reconstruction. New sheetrock? No problem. Electric work? Count on us. New floor? Done.

Can you bill my insurance company directly?

Yes, we can. We’ll even go one better and help with the entire claims / adjuster process. Because really, you have enough on your mind.

I’m not sure if my insurance covers this – can you come anyway?

Of course we can. We’ll assess your damage, and we can probably lend you some expertise into whether insurance will cover it or not. Bottom line – if you need help, call us at 770-754-6600 and we’ll help you.

My possessions… they’re all wet, and shouldn’t we get them out of here?

Yes, we’ll inventory, remove, and store them in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. If possible, we’ll also repair / restore your possessions.

Fire and smoke damage – do you handle that as well?

Yes we do – we handle almost any type of disaster rebuilding and recovery. Fires, floods, hail, smoke, rebuilding… we repair and restore it all.

My property is “open” after the damage – shouldn’t it be secured?

Yes. We will board it up / fence it off, and if needs be, provide onsite security.

Mold… do you ensure mold won’t grow after the water damage?

Yes, it’s part of our water damage restoration service. We sanitize and also use professional strength agents to prevent mold from forming.

I didn’t have water damage, but I think I have mold anyway. Can you help me?

Yes, we are a complete mold detection and mold removal service.

Do you service the entire Atlanta Area?

Yes, we’re located in Alpharetta, and provide water extraction and water damage restoration to the entire Atlanta area. Call us at 770-754-6600 and we’ll be right out to assist you.