How a Water Damage Restoration Company Can Help You in an Emergency – Atlanta

Imagine you have just been on a relaxing week long vacation.  You feel refreshed and are happy to be on your way home to Atlanta.  You pull in your garage, open the door, and are faced with a flooded room or house! In a situation like this you will likely be faced with emotions of panic, fear, and frustration, all of which make it difficult to think straight.  The first thing you should do is to call your Atlanta water damage specialist, Premier Drying. Then if the situation appears safe, cut off your water followed by the electricity.  Water and electricity don’t mix, and can make for a very dangerous situation. Help will be there in 30 minutes or less.

When a water damage specialist arrives, they will get right to business assessing the damage and will give you an immediate estimate.  Then, with your consent, they will get right to work moving your possessions, removing the water, and performing the drying process.

If the damage isn’t catastrophic you might consider trying to clean the mess yourself. While this might seem like the more cost efficient option at the time, it is often best to call a specialist.  They have all of the equipment that is needed to get your home back to normal quickly and efficiently and will also be able to negotiate with your insurance company and handle the claims for you. Most homeowners do not have high-powered drying equipment to get their homes dry fast. According to FEMA, mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours of a flood, so time truly is of the essence.

A water damage restoration company can also take care of content care and restoration.  The technicians are experts in disaster-related cleaning and restoration. Whether it’s bringing smoke-damaged draperies back to life or restoring a prized heirloom, they can work some minor miracles. They might even be able to restore computer files, documents and other electronic equipment.  While restoration companies can’t make any promises, I am pretty sure that they would be able to do a better job than the average homeowner.

Whatever the damage may be, water damage specialists are the experts that can tell you how bad the damage truly is.  If in doubt, always get the free estimate and get a good idea of just how much needs to be done.

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