September Home Maintenance Tasks for Atlanta Homeowners

Home MaintenanceSeptember is a great month for Atlanta homeowners to tackle home projects that weren’t completed during the busy summer, as well getting ahead on maintenance tasks before colder weather hits.  With vacations behind us, and children back in school, the fall is a great time to check these items off of your to do list.

  1. Weather-stripping – You probably aren’t as likely to notice a warm stream of air seeping through the cracks in your doors and windows, but you will definitely feel it once colder weather hits.  Take the time now to inspect your weather-stripping. If you can see light or feel air coming through, it is time to replace it. Newer, more energy-efficient windows usually don’t require additional weather-stripping, but if your windows are older, weather-stripping can help.
  2.  Decks and Patios  - Check for any areas of standing water, or wood rot caused by water damage.  Replace broken boards, paint and seal where it is needed.  Fixing problems now will help protect your deck from damage during the colder months.
  3. Gutters – Check gutters to make sure that they aren’t clogged and are draining properly, away from your home.  Leaves will be falling soon, so it is important to make sure the gutters are clear.
  4. Inspect Insulation – Inspect and evaluate your insulation and determine if you need more, or if old insulation needs to be replaced.  This will help keep the heat in and cold out when the colder weather comes.
  5. Add Fall Color – Many summer flowers and plants begin to look scraggly and lose their blooms during this month.  Replace them with easy to care for and colorful flowers like mums.  They add the perfect touch of fall to a landscape.
  6. Organize Your Garage/Basement – You will likely be storing patio furniture/cushions and other summer lawn items in your garage or basement in the upcoming month or so.  Organize what is in there now, so that you have a perfect spot to put these items when the time comes.

How important is preventative maintenance?  Very – without it, your home could easily lose 10% to 12% of its appraised value.  These are just a few suggestions of home maintenance tasks that should be tended to, there are likely other individual issues that each homeowner has in their own home.  Make sure to tend to those items that need your attention before they worsen, and prevent any other issues from arising.  By following a routine maintenance schedule, you will maintain or increase the value of your home and greatly reduce the chance of major problems popping up.

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